10 Batman Variants We Will Never Get (but Maybe Will!)


10 Batman Variants We Will Never Get (but Maybe Will!)

photo by RoboKillah

photo by RoboKillah

When Mattel announced the Planet X Batman figure in 2013, many collectors scratched their heads (or tore out their hair in frustration.) Why was such an obscure version of the Caper Crusader getting a figure before more relevant characters like Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul, or the Dick Grayson version of Batman? Why? Hey, this is Mattel we’re talking about – theydon’t even know…

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All of these are amazing…


Berenty supply drive is a go!





Madagascar Pile #2, located behind me in my office.

In roughly four months, Chuck and I will be in Antananarivo, Madagascar, feeling incredibly jet lagged, wearing ridiculous sun hats, and looking wildly out of place. On this four-months-out anniversary of sorts, it seems appropriate to…

Okay, Tumblr.  This is my new project.  It’s not a comic book or a painting or anything like that this time - it’s an art workshop I’ll be teaching at a school in rural Madagascar this October.  In addition to that, I’ll also be counting lemurs as a volunteer field assistant, and my husband will be spending some time volunteering at the local hospital.

  I’m currently collecting supplies for school, hospital, and census via this link.  No money needed, just colored pencils, and books, and other things!  Take a peek at the link and see if you can help a lady out!  (Or just reblog and signal boost, that helps too.) 

I thank you, I hug you.  <3

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My good friend Anne is planning a really rad trip to Madagascar. While there, she and her husband will be volunteering at a local school and hospital respectively, teaching art to kids and healing folks… also respectively. They will also be looking at lemurs! For fun!

All these ventures require supplies. Think about helping them out if you can, or maybe signal boosting if you can’t, or possibly just sending good-fortune vibes their way if you can’t do either! All relevant links and info are in Anne’s post here ^^^

Thanks for looking :)